Half Term Already?

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Just as it feels like the children have just gone back to school after the summer holidays, half term will be beginning for many schools across the UK today! That means we’re on the slippery slope to Christmas!

Are your children ready for the rest? Squirt is still at nursery so she doesn’t have half term, but I can imagine six weeks of learning can be a long time for the very young learners in the Foundation Stage of school, and in fact other children too. Whether you’ll be using the half term to chill out, or have a jam-packed week planned, I hope you have some hands-on fun!

I wonder how many Loom Band creations will be in production throughout homes this half term. They’ve taken off in popularity so quickly and even though they’ve had a little bit of bad press, still seem to be one of the most popular craft resources on the market. Squirt isn’t quite old enough for them yet, they’re a bit too fiddly for her little fingers, but it’s certainly something she’ll love in the future. If your youngsters are into loom bands, we’d love to see what they come up with this half-term!

Mumsnet.com have a great topic board for getting out and about this half-term, with suggestions for all over the UK. Head over and take a look at what’s happening where you are over the next week or so. 


Netmums.com have provided a list of things to try to make the most of half-term, there are some great ideas that I’ll be doing with Squirt when we’re at home together!

  1. Have fun in the garden! This time of year provides a different aspect of outside play, such as leaf collecting, puddle jumping and mud pie kitchens!
  2. Get cooking. If the weather isn’t so great, then getting in the kitchen can provide hours of fun, if you’re happy to get a bit messy! Pumpkin pies and anything flavoured with pumpkin spice are very popular this time of year, there are some great recipes on Pinterest.com! Paul Hollywood has a Baking with Kids section on his website – http://paulhollywood.com/home/bake-kids/fun-games/
  3. Try a new activity. Trips to soft play areas can get a bit boring (maybe for the parents more than the kids!) so try something everyone can enjoy together! If the weather permits, go on a hike! Perhaps try a new board game or one that hasn’t seen daylight for a few years. My favourite is the classic Monopoly, although Squirts favourite at the moment is the Robot Face Race™!
  4. Get Away on the cheap. If it’s warm enough for camping, get out and explore a new area without spending a lot of money. Take a look at Netmums.com for some recommended camp site from parents.
  5. Clear the clutter and make some extra money. The children will lured into getting involved if they know their unwanted toys will provide a little extra half term spending money!
  6. Check out a theme park. Squirt can’t wait to go to Legoland, there is so much to do at a theme park, and going in the autumn months means it won’t be as busy as the summer! Keep an eye out for buy one get one free coupons too!
  7. Catch a new film. There are plenty of new films coming out this time of year ready for the half term holidays! If you’re on a budget, why not plan a movie afternoon, or a Disney Day! One of Squirts favourites at the moment is Alice in Wonderland.

Have a great half-term!

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