Guardians of the Deep: A guest post by Kent Wildlife Trust

Guardians of the Deep:  A guest post by Kent Wildlife Trust
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The Guardians of the Deep project aims to involve local people in the protection and monitoring of Kent’s coastal wildlife. It encourages young people to get excited about marine wildlife through a programme of snorkelling activities and practical learning opportunities at coastal sites around the county.

Written by: Zoë Stevenson, Guardians of the Deep Project Officer

Kent Wildlife Trust


A few months ago I contacted Learning Resources about our new Guardians of the Deep project and they kindly donated some equipment for us to trial whilst rock pooling. It was the perfect opportunity to encourage some young scientists, so we created a few experiments and questions that could be answered using the equipment and headed off to the shore!

The incredible thing about British weather is that it is inevitably terrible on the one day you want it to be good. The days leading up to the event had been warm and sunny, but not so the morning of our activities. Thankfully, some grey skies and the threat of rain didn’t keep away the intrepid future marine biologists who had signed up for our Jr. Marine Biologist event.

The resources that we had with us included:


Experiments included:

  • Testing the differences in temperature between rock pools and the ocean
  • Drawing barnacles
  • Studying animal behaviour

We used the GeoSafari Jr. Periscope to hide from gulls, noting any change in their actions between humans being hidden and in full view. This was Peter’s favourite part of the day; he decided that the gulls came closer when we were hidden because they were scared of us.

GeoSafari Jr. Periscope in use



The GeoSafari Water Adventure Pen was Scarlett’s favourite piece of equipment. She enjoyed learning about the things you could see and find in the sea and rock pools. We used the pen to measure temperature and draw animals that we found on the day. The magnifying glass at the top was also very useful for getting a better look at tiny specimens. Maya’s mum said it was very easy to use for little hands.


The clear favourite of the day was the GeoSafari SeaScope. Everyone really enjoyed getting up close and personal with the rock pool animals.

 “I really enjoyed learning interesting facts and names of creatures I’d never seen properly before.” -Evie


GeoSafari SeaScope


Conrad and Leon explored as many different rock pools with the SeaScope as possible. The lights on it were useful for some of the darker pools. The GeoSafari Jr. Aqua Magnifiers were great for giving us a closer look at tiny shrimps and other creatures that lived in the water.


GeoSafari SeaScope in use

We all agreed that the equipment could be used in other places as well, mostly for things like bugs and other small animals, proving that the equipment is versatile and not just for the shore.

Once we had completed all of our experiments we gathered the equipment up and headed off the beach. Just in time too, because as soon as we reached our cars the heavens opened and it began to pour!

SeaScope in use



Thank you very much to Learning Resources for allowing us to facilitate such a fun event and encourage some future marine biologists!


To find out more about Kent Wildlife Trust and their Guardians of the Deep project visit their website!


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