Fun Playfoam craft ideas

Fun Playfoam craft ideas
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Playfoam® is the squishy, squashy shaping stuff that’s fantastic for crafts and sensory play. Here’s why it’s good for crafts: Playfoam can be easily sculpted into all sorts of creative shapes, it only sticks to itself and it’s easy to clean up. Plus, it never dries out so your child can get crafty with Playfoam again and again. Here are some fun Playfoam craft ideas to inspire your child.

To get started, stock up on a few Playfoam packs and keep the clear dome from each pod (you’ll see why later):

Several of these activities are also great for your child to practise scissor skills and the pencil grip (although you may have to help with some cutting and folding activities). For child-friendly scissors that are an ideal addition to craft supplies, check out our Trace Ace Scissor Skills Set.

Check out these fun Playfoam craft ideas…

Create a rocket with alien astronaut

You’ll need:

  • Construction paper
  • Markers and/or crayons
  • Playfoam pod dome
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Googly eyes (optional)
Image of a rocket with alien astronaut made using craft supplies and Learning Resources Playfoam sculpting toy

Do this activity:

  1. Open your Playfoam pod and keep the clear dome.
  2. Trace the circular plastic backer card onto a sheet of paper.
  3. Draw an alien inside the circle and colour it in.
  4. Cut out circle.
  5. And add googly eyes to your character!
  6. Fold a paper sheet in half and cut out the main body of your rocket.
  7. Use tape to secure your alien circle to the rocket.
  8. Place the plastic Playfoam pod over the circle and tape it down securely.
  9. Tape the whole rocket to a sheet of black paper.
  10. Squish, squash and sculpt Playfoam to create the rocket fins and other details.
  11. Then use a white crayon to add stars on the background.

Squishy, squashy turtally awesome turtle

Turtle kids fun Playfoam craft idea made using Learning Resources Playfoam in green

You’ll need:

  • Green construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Tape
  • Playfoam pod dome
  • Googly eyes

Do this activity:

  1. Cut four legs/fins, a head, and a tail out of construction paper.
  2. Tape the legs together, then tape them to the back of the Playfoam pod.
  3. Secure the head and tail directly to a pod of Playfoam.
  4. Add googly eyes to the head and draw a smile.
  5. Add a little note that says: “You are turtley awesome!” and you’re done!

Playfoam fashion

You’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Playfoam
Fun Playfoam Craft idea picture of Learning Resources Playfoam character drawing with Plafyoam

Do this activity:

  1. Draw a character.
  2. Squish, squash and sculpt Playfoam to create clothes; let’s start with the dress.
  3. Let’s add some hair.
  4. Now add some hair bows.
  5. Then let’s add some shoes.
  6. Add polka dots and you’re done!

Playfoam rainbow colour-matching

You’ll need:

  • Playfoam pods in 5 different colours
  • Craft sticks
  • White paper
  • Crayons
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes (optional)

Do this activity:

  1. Cut your paper into a cloud shape.
  2. Draw a cute face on your cloud – googly eyes make everything more fun!
  3. Tape the top of the craft sticks side by side across the bottom of the paper cloud.
  4. Draw a coloured dot above each craft stick – the colour of the dot should match the colours of Playfoam you have.
  5. Show your child how to shape Playfoam into a long line and place it on the craft stick below the matching coloured dot.

Playfoam wigs

You’ll need:

  • Playfoam
  • Construction Paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Googly eyes
Fun craft idea with Learning Resources Playfoam of a smiley face for Playfoam hair

Do this activity:

  1. Cut out a head shape, use a marker to draw a nose, mouth, and ears, and add googly eyes.
  2. Secure the face to the table with tape.
  3. Start sculpting! Use Playfoam to create silly hairdos. Try pony tails, a perm, or even a mohawk!

20 more fun Playfoam craft ideas

Picture of a fun Playfoam craft idea made using Learning Resources Playfoam to make a rainbow
  1. Make a rainbow: Sculpt and squish a rainbow, using any colours you want. How big can you make yours? How small can you make it?
  2. Shape animals: Use your imagination to shape your pet, a zoo animal, or even an imaginary animal. Try making a sea creature and watch it float in the bath.
  3. Hide and discover toys: Hide a small toy or figurine inside of a ball of Playfoam. Have a parent or sibling peel away the Playfoam and find the hidden treasure!
  4. Play a shaping game: Write clues on cards that you will need to sculpt for a partner (example: apple, dog, butterfly). Take turns – one player sculpts and the other guesses what they’ve made.
  5. Play hot potato: Make a ball of Playfoam and take turns passing back and forth. Whoever has the hot potato when the music stops is out.
  6. Create icebergs: Add a Playfoam iceberg to your water tray. Include aquatic animal figures such as our Ocean Counters for extra fun.
  7. Create a creature: Sculpt a creature straight from your imagination. Use feathers, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, or popsicle sticks to accessorise.
  8. Create 3D Art: Draw a picture and colour it in – or print a colour picture – then shape matching-coloured Playfoam over each section for a 3D masterpiece.
  9. Doll fashion: Create a fun, fashionable wardrobe for your dolls using Playfoam.
  10. Create a seashore sensory bin: Squish seashells and animal figures into a large bin of Playfoam and see if your child can find them all. Take the bin outside for some simulated-seashore fun in the sun.
  11. Squishy squashy name game: Try to shape all the letters in your name. Now try a friend’s name.
  12. Make a magical sensory substance: If you are making slime (try our Yuckology! Slime Lab for recipes), add some Playfoam to the mix for a little added texture. Just remember – Playfoam never dries out, but slime will!
  13. Playfoam colour smash: Squish together different colours of Playfoam and make your own custom colour blend
  14. Glow statues: Use glow in the dark Playfoam to create your own glow in the dark statue. Turn the lights out and let it glow!
  15. Fun pretend food: Make a Playfoam cake, hamburger, or fruit basket.
  16. Photo frame: Use popsicle sticks to create a photo frame and cover it in Playfoam to decorate it. Don’t forget to add a big squish of Playfoam for a base.
  17. DIY stress ball: Stretch open a balloon (or use a piece of fabric) and fill it with Playfoam. Tie off the balloon (or fabric piece), then squish and squash the Playfoam inside. Or use a surgical glove to make a squishy high five.
  18. Flower garden: Use different colours of Playfoam to create a beautiful flower garden. Don’t forget to make different flower shapes!
  19. Egg and spoon race: Make a Playfoam egg, rest it in a spoon, and challenge a partner to race across the room without dropping the “egg”. You can even try holding the spoon in your mouth or with your opposite hand for an egg-stra challenge.
  20. Playfoam balance: Balance a ball of Playfoam on your head and walk around the room without dropping it. Now try balancing it on your shoulder.

What crafty creations have you tried? Take pictures or videos and share them with us on Facebook and Instagram. We love seeing how creative you all are!

Did you know? Playfoam is an ideal toy for sensory play. Read more on this post from the SEN Resources blog about how Playfoam can help children with SEN. And, check out our super cool Playfoam crafts playlist on YouTube.

(*Please note: Possible colour transfer. Playfoam Sparkle may transfer possible colour stain to fabric and plastics.)

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