5 fun family games for Christmas

5 fun family games for Christmas
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Bring the family together with our top 5 fun family games for Christmas that will keep everyone entertained indoors over the festive season. We have simple games for pre-schoolers and hilarious challenge games for older children. These Christmas activities will have everyone laughing out loud!

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1-2-3 Froggies (Ages 3+)

Ideal for preschoolers, 1-2-3 Froggies is a fun counting and matching game. The aim of the game is to be the first player to match your card to the die and collect the most frogs. Shuffle the lily pad cards and deal out four to each player. The cards should be placed facing up. The youngest player rolls first and then all players race to check their cards against the die. If one of their cards shows the same number of frogs as flies pictured on the die, they have a match! Be the first to grab the matching-coloured frog before any other player! This easy fun game is perfect for young children aged 3-7 and helps teach counting and colour-matching.

The Sneaky, Snacky, Squirrel Colour Matching Game (Ages 3+)

The Sneaky, Snacky, Squirrel game has been a family favourite for almost 10 years. This fun tactical thinking boardgame for preschoolers develops hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and pre-handwriting skills while using the Squirrel Squeezers. To play, spin the spinner and use the Squirrel Squeezer to pick up acorns and place them in the matching coloured hole in the logs. But watch out because a Squirrel Storm that blows all the acorns back into the tree, or the Sneaky Squirrel may steal an acorn! So be sneaky, strategic little squirrels.

The PlayFoam Game (Ages 5+)

The Playfoam Game (Ages 5+)

Squish, squash, and shape clues in this race-against-the-clock game. Teams take turns to draw a card and sculpt their clue before time runs out, while others try to guess the clue. If it’s helpful, sculptors can also use their Playfoam to mould a prop and act out using it. This fun game includes two bricks of Playfoam (blue and green), 200 kid-friendly clues on 100 durable double-sided cards, a sculpting mat and a 60-second timer. Squishing and sculpting Playfoam helps develops fine motor skills and the child-safe formula ensures safe sensory play. Playfoam never dries out so the sculpting fun never ends.

Pocket Money Bingo (Ages 5+)

This easy-to-play game encourages financial wellness and numeracy skills from an early age. Through play, children lean coin value recognition, counting money and money-themed equivalency skills. This fun game is ideal for the whole family to enjoy.

Spindoodle (Ages 8+)

Put your sketching skills to the test in this dizzying doodling game. Players take turns choosing a clue card and sketching on the spinning canvas. The rest of the players try to guess the clue. It sounds easy but once the canvass starts spinning, you’ll be laughing out loud as you try to keep up. Spindoodle includes spinning game board with three dizzying speeds, 100 double-sided clue cards in five categories, a dry-erase marker, die and 30-second timer.