Five games the whole family will enjoy this Christmas

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Family games provide enjoyable quality time that boosts young learner’s self-esteem as they take on new challenges. A perfect way to get families laughing and playing together, they also help children to develop thinking and reasoning skills, strategic problem solving, spatial awareness, concentration and focus. We’ve put together five of our top picks that each help to develop key skills and challenge inquisitive young minds.


All Around The Playground™ Shapes, Colours and Counting Game


Age: 3+

Price: £15


Introduce colours, shapes and early counting skills with this playground themed board game! Before the game begins players choose their level of play (colours or numbers) and set the spinner to correct the side. Spin the spinner and move to the matching space on the board. The first player to get back to school wins the game!


I played this game with my 4.5 year old Pre-k students. They loved the game board – especially the merry go rounds! The game play was easy for my students to learn, and it kept their attention during the entire 15 minutes it took to complete a game. This game will remain an option in our Game Centre for the whole year!” –Preschool Teacher


Key skills:

  • Colour recognition
  • Shape identification
  • Early counting skills
  • Number recognition


Also Available: High Seas ADDventure™ Addition Game, Picnic Party™ An Early Maths Game



Face Race™


Age: 4+

Price: £20


It’s a race to find the matching robot face! A crazy inventor has built dozens of robots, and he needs your help finding the perfect heads. Players shake the randomiser to determine the colour of the robot’s face, nose, eyes and mouth and then search the board to find a match. Find it first and collect a robot scoring token – first player with five tokens wins!


It teaches and reinforces colour recognition skills as there are
various elements you have to match.  It’s a good game for children who want something a bit more challenging. It’s a bit of a challenge for adults which I love
!” – Jess from Catch A Single Thought


Key skills:

  •  Colour Recognition
  • Observation


Also available: Ready, Set, Woof!



Buy it Right™ Shopping Game



Age: 5+

Price: £15


A shopping board game to encourage financial awareness! Players take it in turns to roll the die and move their player along the illustrated board. Each space has a different direction to follow including buying items, finding money, donating to charity and more! The winner is the person who fills their shopping trolley first. Realistic HM Treasury approved coins and notes develop money recognition skills.


Buy it Right is a detailed board game focusing on learning and
understanding how money works. This topic is something that my almost 6 year old has been covering in Year 1 this year, and is an area of maths that my kids always seem to enjoy. They always enjoy the chance to earn and manage money, so this game is fun for them and the educational benefits are an extra bonus.
” – Anna from In The Playroom


Key skills:

  • Financial awareness
  • Addition and subtraction


Also available: Money Bags™ – Coin Value Game, Little Banker Coin Matching Game, Exact Change ®


Sum Swamp™ – Addition & Subtraction Game


Age: 5+

Price: £12


Head down to Sum Swamp for a maths adventure! Players move their critter themed counters along the board by adding and subtracting numbers rolled on the dice. Get ahead in the game by passing through the crocodile shortcut but be careful not to get caught in the ‘endless loop’! The first player to the finish line wins.


“My little boy loves playing this game. He is 4yrs old. We play this nearly every day after school. It is wonderful for improving his understanding of addition and subtraction, plus understanding odd and even numbers. It is also aiding him from jumping from using his fingers to count on to mental arithmetic. It’s fun too! He doesn’t realise he is learning as he plays the game as its lots of fun.” – Mummy of 3


Key skills:

  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Odd & Even Numbers
  • Mental arithmetic


Play by the Book


Age: 8+

Price: £18


Bring favourite stories and films to life with this action packed game! Players travel around the illustrated board, through four themed areas (mystery, adventure, fantasy and everyday life) answering questions on the game cards. Fun action spaces get players on their feet to sing, sketch or act out parts of a story! This game is perfect for helping children to connect prior knowledge, draw conclusions, make predictions and become familiar with a range of fiction genres


Play by the Book is a must for any fiction fans. It is available from Learning Resources for £18, and would be a great fun but educational addition to family game night!  I love that there are 2 ranges of difficulty so that the game grows as your children’s reading ability does.” – Blogger Mummy Lauren


Key skills:

  • Drawing conclusions, making predictions and inferences
  • Asking questions
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Summarising and retelling
  • Indentifying language, structure and presentation
  • Justifying with evidence
  • Connecting prior knowledge with text
  • Familiarity with a range of fiction genres


Also available: Breaking News! Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Game