Travel Tips for Entertaining Children – A BritMums Party!

Travel Tips for Entertaining Children – A BritMums Party!
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We know that there are plenty of parents, teachers and caregivers out in the Twitterverse, willing to share their valuable wisdom. Therefore we were really looking forward to seeing what tips would come out of the BritMums Twitter Party that we recently sponsored, especially because the topic focused on entertaining children while travelling; a tricky challenge faced by so many of us!

The importance of children learning whilst travelling

Children having fun and enjoying being entertained whilst travelling in the car. Proving the best travel tips for entertaining children.

Although there is some stigma attached to using tablets to entertain children, lots of us admitted to having done so. The development of educational apps means that we don’t always have to feel guilty about turning to devices, however the party provided plenty of tips for people who were keen to leave the tablets at home. Mother Of All That Is Perry summed it up when she said, “It’s easy to have educational fun while travelling”, offering the below idea for learning fun on the go!

We love it!  Who hasn’t got an old tin hanging around? (If you haven’t, use it as a good excuse to buy a nice tin of biscuits.) Magnetic Alphabet & Numbers are a classic way to help children learn to spell and this shows they don’t have to be restricted to fridge doors; they can be used in plenty of other places too!

You don’t need to limit the magnetic fun to just letters and numbers either; magnetic educational travel games will help your little one develop their spatial awareness whilst also testing their logic and problem-solving skills! The magnetic element is a great way to limit the risk of lost pieces!

A child playing with the Kanoodle Duplexity magnetic game!
Photo – Kanoodle Duplexity

Fun games & activities to keep the kids entertained

Educating kids on the move isn’t all about magnets! As MummaJem pointed out, you can use the world around you to teach and learn.

Sand is a fantastic medium for getting children excited about writing! There’s something tactile about mark-making in sand that simply makes it more fun and engaging than using pen and paper.

The same can be said about Playfoam and why so many children enjoy using the squishy, squashy creative play resource to form letters like the SEN Resources Blog below. Playfoam is a material that is perfect for travelling – it doesn’t stick to hair or clothes and you won’t cover the car/train/plane in bits of foam, or leave half of it behind!

If your little one isn’t quite ready for letters, or numbers, don’t think that you need to wait to have educational fun on long journeys. Summer110 had this great tip to keep early learners learning.

Flash cards are compact and easy to play with, these photo flash cards are ideal for encouraging critical thinking skills from a young age. Even if there isn’t a lot of room, they can still be used to entertain!

Other ways of educational fun when travelling!

Children learning about the best travel tips for entertaining children.

For adventurers who are looking to explore the world around them, there are plenty of ways to have educational fun whilst on your travels. Fuelled by Latte, highlighted that kids can get closer to nature with a set of binoculars, allowing them to see fantastic creatures without needing to get too close and disturbing them. The GeoSafari® Jr. Kidnoculars® Extreme™ even amplify sound, so little explorers can hear what they’re looking at too!

It’s not always about looking at things far away though. Jennifer Howze pointed out that kids with a magnifying glass will find plenty of exciting things to learn about up-close. Of course, if any of those things have wings or legs, they have a tendency to escape before they can be carefully examined. A little bug hunter equipped with a magnifier would provide an ideal solution while you’re away from home (or in the back garden!)

One of our favourite tweets came from Ruth, who reminded everyone that going on holiday is an education enough. Whether you go too far flung locales or enjoy a good old staycation, there’s so much in the world for kids to learn about. Keeping scrapbooks will help cement those lessons in their memories (and help with creative design and motor skills too!)

Last, but definitely not least, we couldn’t talk about entertaining kids while travelling without discussing every parents’ favourite game…

Do you have any tips for educational entertainment for travelling kids? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know!

A boy full of excitement and keeping entertained whilst getting ready to travel.

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