Easter lacing cards for preschoolers with free printables

Easter lacing cards for preschoolers with free printables
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If you haven’t already visited Red Ted Art, you’ll find this site is packed with lots of fun easy crafts for preschoolers and older children. Learning Resources® has done several collaborations with Maggy, the super-creative founder of Red Ted Art (check out the SEL Emotions Snowman here).

This time we’ve teamed up with Maggy to bring you and your creative young crafter a fun Easter activity for preschoolers. Working on this engaging project with your child opens lots of learning opportunities. You can discuss shapes and colours, while your child gets to practise fine motor skills including cutting and the pencil grip.

How to get started:

Learning Resources Red Ted Art Easter craft for preschoolers with circle egg and rectangle shape for fine motor skills

Image – Learning Resources® Red Ted Art Easter Lacing Card

Click here for your free printables!

Download your free printables for the Easter Lacing Cards. You’ll find the blank version ready for colouring, and a full-colour version that’s prepared for cutting, sticking and lacing. Then head over to Red Ted Art’s post on Easter lacing cards for preschoolers for a list of supplies you’ll need and the step-by-step assembly instructions. There are also some lovely ideas and prompts from Maggy on how to turn this activity into an opportunity for more learning fun.

Why doing crafts is good for preschoolers
Have you ever wondered why arts and crafts are important for your preschooler’s development? Arts and crafts projects create a feeling of accomplishment by putting young children in control of solving creative arty challenges. Even when the glue is messy and they’re colouring out of the lines, it gives children the freedom to try out new ideas and learn from making mistakes.

Creative activities also give young children the chance to practise fine motor skills including hand-eye coordination and dexterity. To help your child express their creativity, and build these essential skills, try our creative resources like Trace Ace Scissor Skills Set. The safety scissors in this set are designed to help children practise cutting skills while doing arts and crafts just like this one.

Learning Resources Trace Ace Scissors Skills Set for preschool craft, fine motor skills and practising scissor skills

Image – Learning Resources® Trace Ace Scissor Skills Set

While you’re at it, check out our Create-A-Space Mini-Center. It’s perfect for keeping all your little artist’s supplies in one place. Store items like crayons, glue and scissors, and move them to wherever they’re needed.

Learning Resources Create a Space Mini Centre for storing craft supplies, pens, pencils, scissors and glue

Image – Learning Resources® Create-a-SpaceTM Mini Center

Check out the other Learning Resources crafty collaborations with Red Ted Art:

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