Create your own Monster Game

Create your own Monster Game
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Christmas is just around the corner and the cold weather and darker afternoons have arrived. It’s the perfect time to get indoors, stay warm and play a game! We’ve teamed up with RedTedArt, one of our favourite craft bloggers, to bring you a festive, printable Monster Game. This isn’t just any monster game though, it’s a create your own Beaker Creatures Game!

Using our Beaker Creatures characters Hyclops, Peetle, Twinkle, Merf, Clomp and Flurry, RedTedArt has created a fun, creative game the whole family can enjoy. How many legs will your Creature have? What pattern? Will they have antlers like a reindeer? Play to find out!

Not only is this game fun but it also gives opportunities for learning and development:

  • Practice counting with numbers 1 to 6
  • Explore and discuss colours
  • Develop fine motor skills with drawing, colouring and cutting
  • Discover new shapes
  • Spark imaginations by creating adventures and new stories for your Beaker Creatures

What you’ll need

  • Our free Monster Game printables designed by RedTedArt
  • A dice
  • Scissors to cut
  • Glue to add eyes, legs etc to your monster
  • Colouring pens/pencils to colour your monster
  • A pencil to cross/tick off your checklist


Print off your monster bodies, their body parts and your map to begin creating your Beaker Creatures – Just click the links below!


Pop over to RedTedArt for full step-by-step instructions on how to play the Create your own Beaker Creature Monster Game.

Get playing!

Be as creative as you like and use as many colours as you can! Stick the eyes, noses and arms in unusual places to make your monsters stand out.

We hope you have lots of fun playing this creative Beaker Creature Monster Game and we’d love to see your finished monsters! Share your monsters with us on Instagram @learningresourcesuk and we’ll regram some of our favourites.