Tried & Tested – Count & Color Choo Choo™

Tried & Tested – Count & Color Choo Choo™
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Name: Amelia Cunningham

Age of child: 17 months

Product Testing: Count & Color Choo Choo™

Short Bio: Amelia is a first-time mum to son Arlo and is the author of Motherhood & lifestyle blog, Mum With Me.

Amelia and her son Arlo

What were your first thoughts when the toy arrived?

My first impression from the feel and look of the toy was that it was really good quality. The pieces looked and felt very sturdy which was really reassuring as a mum to a small toddler. I thought the toy was very eye-catching with lots of bright colours for my son to look at.

How did you use it?

We mixed and matched with the different shapes and started putting them in and out of the carriages. My son really enjoyed pushing the train around and jumping the driver between carriages. We also began naming the shapes and the colours of each one as we put them in. We also used the toy to practice counting by stacking the shapes.

Arlo playing with the Color Choo Choo

What are the educational benefits?

Learning colours and shapes were the stand-out educational benefits. My son can begin to differentiate between each shape, learning the names as he picks them up and sorts them into the carriages. I have also been counting up to 10 each time he stacks the shapes or puts one into the carriage.

What did you like/dislike about the toy?

I really like how the toy has more than one function. It can really allow you to get creative and use the shapes in different ways – not just on the train. The quality of the toy and the sturdiness of the shapes was something I really liked because sometimes these lack in toys. There was nothing I disliked about the toy.

What is the long-term appeal?

Arlo looking happy with the Count & Color Choo Choo

The long-term appeal of the toy is that as he gets older, he can begin to link each carriage in the correct order. As he gets more confident in naming colours and shapes we can start to look for other household objects to load into the carriages.

Is it unique? If so, what is unique about it?

My son has other train toys but this one is his favourite because it’s so colourful and interactive. He finds it fun because it’s not just a train to push along- he can do so much more with it. He’s learnt to say “choo choo” from playing with it too!

Would you recommend it to a friend?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it to a friend. If they want a fun interactive toy that is educational, promotes colours and shape learning, it’s perfect!

Arlo sitting with the Color Choo Choo

The final score (out of 5):

Tried & Tested Review Rating

Fun Factor:  5/5

Educational Benefits:  4/5

Ease of use: 5/5

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