Toys and gifts for 6 & 7 year olds

Toys and gifts for 6 & 7 year olds
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Find the perfect Christmas gifts for 6 & 7 year olds. We’ve wrapped up 5 Christmas gift ideas that will challenge their curious young minds and boost critical thinking skills. From a maths challenge game ideal for solo play to our award-winning coding drawing robot, here’s our Christmas gift wish list for ages 6-7.

  • Math Whiz
  • iTrax Critical Thinking Game
  • tacklingtables Student Set
  • T-Rex Rumble
  • Artie 3000

Math Whiz (Ages 6+)

Kids love playing with calculators and Math Whiz is a calculator and digital maths game in one that’s ideal for practising maths skills at home or on the go. Math Whiz has three modes, Drill, Challenge and Calculator. Switch to Drill mode and solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division maths problems. Change to Challenge mode for a numbers elimination game to boost mental agility.

Switch to Calculator mode and use Math Whiz as a calculator at home or in the classroom. The game is ideal for solo play as it offers immediate feedback on correct or incorrect answers. Any incorrect answers are recycled into the game and repeated. Game play continues until all the maths problems are answered correctly.

iTrax Critical Thinking Game (Ages 6+)

iTrax is a problem-solving strategy game that encourages critical thinking skills in ages 6 and up. Ideal for 2-4 players, the game is played by using the rods and cubes to reproduce a path seen on game card. The first player who replicates the path correctly wins the round. The first player to win seven rounds, wins the game. The game has three levels of difficulty that offer increasingly intricate paths as children progress and learn.

tacklingtables Student Set (Ages 6+)

Tackling Tables is a fun cards game for mastering the times tables 1-12 and their corresponding division facts. The tacklingtables method is used extensively in UK schools and the Student Set is ideal for practising at home. Playing for just 10 minutes a day will help build maths fluence and mental agility. The set is compact and easy to play and store.

T-Rex Rumble (Ages 7+)

T-Rex Rumble is the side-splitting dinosaur challenge game packed with prehistoric-inspired fun. Players use T-Rex dinosaur arms and claws to complete tasks in hilarious challenges – no hands allowed! The first team to use their T-Rex arms to secure 10 challenge cards avoids extinction.

Artie 3000 (Ages 7+)

Award-winning Artie 3000 is a STEM drawing robot that helps children learn programming languages including Python and JavaScript in an offline environment. Artie 3000 has its own wi-fi server that connects to a tablet or computer. Children can programme Artie 3000 to draw shapes and designs and express their creativity through coding. Artie 3000 comes with preprogramed designs so kids can start drawing and coding in minutes. As kids grow in confidence and skill, they can programme their own unique designs. Artie 3000 does not connect to the internet, and you don’t need to create a profile to Artie 3000.

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