Christmas Adverts 2014

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“Can I have that?” Please someone tell me I’m not the only one who has heard this question a hundred times in the last 2 weeks?

Every Christmas TV advert that has been on the usual children’s channels has prompted Squirt to ask if she can have whatever toy, game or accessory it’s advertising. She’s even started asking automatically, regardless of if she wants the toy or not. My +1 and I decided it was time of an intervention and have come up with an ‘automated response’ for the dreaded questions. Our answer is “wait and see what you get at Christmas”, which my +1 and I are relieved to say is working.

Coming up with this tactic with the +1 led us onto a conversation about the Christmas adverts that have caught our attention on the TV so far this year. Brands certainly do a good job of promoting themselves to the right audiences, especially at Christmas. Brands aimed both at children and adults really tune into what is going to appeal to the wants and needs of their target audiences, a great marketing tactic. Obviously the John Lewis and Sainsbury’s adverts are the top dogs of the Christmas adverts this year. Their Christmas adverts become the ones people are anticipating each year. I bet if I mention “holidays are coming” I won’t have to tell you which brand it is.


A personal favourite of mine this year is the Aldi advert. Coming from a large family I appreciate the ideals of families around the table, quite often with an ’emergency chair’ or two! Large families, small families and groups missing their families, we all like to get around the table and enjoy a festive meal together. I remember one Christmas at my grandparents we have 17 around the table, I dread to think how many Brussels sprouts were consumed.

According to an article by the Mirror, the public’s winner this year is the Sainbury’s Christmas advert. “It really connects with the British public and has a central message about sharing too. It looks beautiful and will have been carefully crafted to look this brilliant.” Read the rest of the article here: Christmas adverts 2014: Who wins the festive TV battle and who’s left out in the cold?

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