5 Halloween STEM Activities to try

Three young girls and a young boy wearing Halloween costumes are sitting with scary pumpkins on their laps and making scary poses for the camera

Looking for Halloween STEM activities and trick or treat ideas for some ghoulish learning fun through hands-on play? It’s the perfect time to enjoy sticky, slimy, squishy sensory play and child-friendly mad scientist chemistry activities. Try these ideas for super (natural) learning fun. Creep it real!

Super easy Halloween sensory bins

A tub of Learning Resources Jumbo plastic tweezers for kids in bright colours

This is a trick with a twist that’s ideal for Halloween tactile activities. While cooking up a packet of spaghetti, add food colouring to the water. The wackier the colour, the better so opt for shades like green, purple, brown or orange. Once cooked, drain and allow to cool. Add the cooled, cooked pasta to a bag or bowl and let little ones get stuck in. read more