How to Be a Birdwatcher: Big Schools’ Birdwatch

Close up picture of a Goldcrest bird perched on a spruce tree branch.

Calling all young citizen scientists! Our friends at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) have commenced their annual Big Schools’ Bird Watch. Hurry, because schools have until 2 February 2020 to register, and results can be submitted any time until 21 February. Plus, the RSBP will share the results so you can see how your school is contributing to their scientific research.

The UK has many interesting bird species from the tiny Goldcrest which is just 9cm long, to the UK’s largest bird of prey, the White-tailed eagle which has a wingspan of up to 2.4m! Fancy yourself a nature detective on the lookout for the UK’s most interesting birds? Here are some fascinating facts about following our feathered friends and helpful hints to get you started. read more