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Welcome to the first ever blog post on the first ever Learning Resources UK blog!

Here we’ll share with you some educational tips, product news and all things we’re passionate about here at LRUK! Providing hands-on, educational toys, games and resources to teachers, parents and educational professionals is at the heart of what we do, visit to have a look! Our products tap into children’s natural curiosity. From maths to science to literacy, lessons come to life in three dimensions, sparking an interactive learning process. Using hands-on learning resources, children take ownership of their learning.

We recently celebrated our 20th Anniversary, and what a lovely celebration it was too. Our Managing Director, Dennis, has been with the company since it was founded in 1994, and amongst other festivities was presented with a rather trendy lamp for the desk in his office here in Norfolk!


Dennis is certainly the key to driving our passion for kinaesthetic learning, wanting to add an “aha!” element to each and every one of our products. He believes there’s a moment that will make any parent or teachers’ day; the moment when a child’s eyes light up as they finally understand a concept, or solve a problem – the “aha” moment!

From our 20th Anniversary and beyond we’re looking to the future, at the next 20 years of Learning Resources UK and the help and support we can continue to provide teachers, parents and everyone who’s passionate about education, just like us! Our hands-on learning approach isn’t new, but it’s the way we learn from the moment we are born, by moving and manipulating the world around us we make sense of how things work. Study after study have proved this, and more importantly children have proved it too. We understand the challenges that children and teachers face, and every solution we create is designed to help children unlock a greater understanding, from their first day at preschool.

We’re proud of where we’ve been, and we’re excited about where we’re going! We hope we can help you discover “aha” moments with your little ones! Keep an eye out for future blog posts on developments, excitement and celebrations at LRUK.

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