Calling all dinosaur fans

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Do you have avid dinosaur fans in your family? Maybe you’re a childminder whose mindees are obsessed with the prehistoric beings? Our dinosaur themed hands-on resources will keep all youngsters amused and learning through play!

One of the most exciting dino additions to the Learning Resources range recently are the Dino Construction Company vehicles! They are part dinosaur, part construction vehicles that provide hours of both indoor and outdoor fun!

The Jumbo Dinosaurs from our long standing Jumbo Animals range are great for use inside, or even in the sandpit! This set contains a T-Rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus and a Raptor! A dinosaur fan’s dream!

Fancy going back to prehistoric times on a smaller scale! Our cute Back in Time Dinosaur Counters are perfect for smaller dinosaur themed activities! Six different dinosaurs come in six different colours, perfect for dinosaur lovers as young as 3.

Do you want your dinosaur counters less cute and more realistic; our Mini Dino Counters have a bit more detail, great for tactile learning!

Bring dinosaurs to life with the latest addition to our Puppets-on-a-Stick! These puppets are great for pretend play, communication skills and of course, puppet shows! Squirt loves these! She loved that they all had names, and they soon became her friends! Stomper is a Triceratops, Buster is an Ankylosaurus, and her favourite was Crusher the T-Rex! My favourite is the Stomper the Triceratops, as he reminds me of Baby Bop, the Triceratops from Barney!! Daddy was very good at dinosaur voices and was rather husky by the time squirt was ready to put them down!


Bring maths into the equation with Dino Math Tracks! This dinosaur themed board game reinforces counting, place value, addition & subtraction! This game is great for practising maths skills at home or in the classroom.

View all of our Dinosaur themed hands-on resources on our website!­ Keep an eye out for our 2015 products in the new year for more dinosaur products that are joining us here at Learning Resources!

If your youngster is more of a fossil fan, then take a look at our collections of fossils, rocks and minerals. Children can dig up fossils and match them to the identification card to feel like a real excavator! Samples include Brachiopod, Bryozoa, Crinoid Stem, Petrified Wood and Shark’s Tooth.


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