British Food Fortnight

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It’s British Food Fortnight, a time to celebrate all the lovely foods grown and produced in Britain! It was first held in 2002, at the same time as the traditional harvest festivals that take place in schools and churches across the country.

British Food Fortnight shouts about the health benefits and enjoyment of eating quality, fresh, seasonal and local produce. It is also helping to engage the retail, catering, education and volunteering sectors and is establishing and maintaining a larger market for British food.

The Learning Resources offices are in West Norfolk, surrounded by rural countryside and not far from the coast. We’re very lucky when it comes to regionally sourced food, with local favourites such as Cromer Crab, Norfolk Turkey and Colmans Mustard! Much of the mint grown in the UK is grown in Norfolk too!


We understand that it is important for both teachers and parents to encourage children to learn about a variety of different foods from an early age, especially those foods local to them. The Food Standards Agency highlights the importance of a healthy balanced diet for growing children. Their website suggests ways in how they can be involved, such as helping with the food shopping, talk about all the colours of foods available and encourage youngsters to prepare foods – it will make them more inclined to try them!


Another great way to encourage children to learn about local foods and general nutrition is through imaginative play. Not only do play foods teach children about the variety of foods around us and how they look and feel, but also promotes vocabulary, sorting skills and other cross-curriculum themes.

We have a large selection of Role Play Food Sets available for learners as young as 2! The play food products in our New Sprouts range are suitable from 2 years, and contain chunky, colourful pieces specially designed for little hands!


Our Pretend & Play range food sets are life-sized and realistic, so perfect for teaching nutrition! The Healthy Meal Play Food Sets also include exercise cards to extend the learning.


For a more scientific approach to food, take a look at our Magnetic Healthy Foods. The set contains 34 foods from the five main food groups, along with a magnetic placemat, menu pad and suggested activities.


I hope you have fun celebrating British Food Fortnight, and get to sample some of the foods local to you that you perhaps haven’t tried before!

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