Plan a Beaker Creatures® Easter Hunt

Have some fun this Easter and plan a Beaker Creatures® hunt!

We’ve created a printable sheet of Beaker Creatures, ready to hide around the house or garden to send your little ones on a hunt. We also have a classification sheet they can fill in once they find their Beaker Creatures. How many arms, eyes and legs does it have? Can they draw what it looks like?

Try it with the REAL Beaker Creatures!

Grab a few Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods and hide them around the house as an alternative gift this Easter. Can your little one classify and identify the Beaker Creature?

Classification is the way scientists categorise and organise everything. It can help to distinguish how similar or different living organisms are to each other. That’s why each Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod comes with a classification card, to introduce children into the world of Science as they discover each creature.

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