Bank Holiday Fun

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I hope you all had a fun bank holiday and that the weather was kind to you! We had 2 birthday parties and a BBQ, but even with all the outings, we were able to have some fun with some of Squirts favourite Learning Resources products, this really is a job where I like taking work home!

I love to watch Squirt play with the toys and games, and see how her mind works as she’s playing. She’s quite a logical child, and likes to know how things work. The first toy she picked from the bundle was the Magic Moves Wand! She’s had this for a while, so I was surprised she picked this over some of the new ones, but it’s always been her favourite! The wand flashes, and plays some fun tunes for her to do the actions to. Actions include ‘hop like a kangaroo’ and ‘float like a feather’, there are so many to keep her amused.

As my +1 started to look through the bundle of goodies, Squirt then noticed some of the games she hadn’t seen before. She’s really into letters at the moment, and liked the look of the Snap-n-Learn Alphabet Alligators. Squirt is still getting used to capital letters so needed a bit of help matching lowercase and uppercase, but loved putting the colours together. These certainly encouraged her colour recognition skills, and identification of most of the lowercase letter sounds!

Squirt got the Chet the Cat mixer out of the box, but didn’t seem very taken by it at first. I left her playing with +1 while I raided the kitchen for some food colouring, and came back with some jugs of red and green liquid, which I then started to use with the mixer! Her attention soon moved to the sound of the mixer and her eyes lit up at the sight of the mixer with real ‘juice’! Needless to say I was soon back in the kitchen to find other colours to mix in.

My +1 couldn’t wait to get his hands on the Design & Drill Socket to Me set. I wondered with the set being 4+ (Squirt is 4 next month) whether she’d struggle with the spanner but with her Dad’s help she mastered it quite well. Her favourite activity board was the robot one, and she loved screwing in the coloured bolts.


We already had Robot Face Race at home, and squirt is scarily good at it! It’s become one of her favourite games to play, probably because she always wins! It is such a fun game though, we all love playing it as a family. To start, shake the RID (Robot Identification Device) to choose the facial combinations to look for (red nose, blue eyes etc) then hurry to search through the 120 robot faces to be the first one to find the matching face. Squirt likes to count down “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off’ before anyone can start searching!

At bath time, Squirt loves to use her Green Toys Tugboat, which I also used to wash her hair! Her cousin has one too, and it’s so much easier to wash their hair with the boat than the shower head. (Squirt thinks it more exciting than the plastic cup I used to use too!)


We had a great time, and I hope you enjoyed the bank holiday too!

Until next time…


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