10 Easter Traditions from Around the World

It’s not long until the 2019 Easter holiday weekend, so we have pulled together 10 Easter traditions from around the world for you to try! These traditions and recipes are perfect for you to try with your children at home, or at school, as a way of teaching cultural differences.

COMPETITION! Design your own Easter Egg competition, share with us your children’s cool, fun and funky creations for a chance to win our Easter prize bundle worth £50, read on for more information. read more

Tried and Tested Uh-Oh, Hippo!™

Name: Georgina from The SEN Resources Blog

Age of children: 4 years

Product Testing: Uh-Oh, Hippo!™

Georgina is a qualified teacher/special educational needs coordinator. She runs The SEN Resources Blog, a site for parents and teachers of children with Special Educational Needs. Her site recommends resources, provides advice and gives suggestions of fun learning activities to try at home to help develop important skills (fine motor, literacy, numeracy etc). read more

Tried & Tested – Count & Color Choo Choo™

Name: Amelia Cunningham

Age of child: 17 months

Product Testing: Count & Color Choo Choo™

Short Bio: Amelia is a first-time mum to son Arlo and is the author of Motherhood & lifestyle blog, Mum With Me.

What were your first thoughts when the toy arrived?

My first impression from the feel and look of the toy was that it was really good quality. The pieces looked and felt very sturdy which was really reassuring as a mum to a small toddler. I thought the toy was very eye-catching with lots of bright colours for my son to look at. read more

Celebrating Global Money Week with Toys and Games!

Global Money Week (GMW) is an annual financial awareness campaign built to inspire children and young people to learn about money matters, livelihoods and entrepreneurship.

The earlier children learn about money, the better they will manage their finances through their lives. Money skills help children learn the difference between earning, saving, and spending which will in time, help them to budget and have healthier money habits.  read more

The International Year of the Periodic Table

The periodic table is one of the most significant achievements in science which captures the essence of chemistry, physics and biology. On the 20th of December 2017, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed that 2019 will be the 150th anniversary of the periodic table and has therefore been named the ‘International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements’ (IYPT). read more

National Nest Box Week 2019

National Nest Box Week 2019

February 14th sees the start of the 22nd National Nest Box Week. The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) focuses on nesting birds and encourages everyone to put up a nest box in their garden or local area in order to support the conservation of our breeding birds.

The loss of hedgerow trees, changes to woodland management and increasing urbanisation have all contributed to a decline in available natural sights for nesting birds like the Blue Tit, Starling, House Sparrow and Robin. Nest boxes replace lost opportunities, increasing the numbers of nesting birds and boosting their populations. read more