Click with coding at Learning Resources

Want your child to click with coding? Kids have an innate curiosity about their worlds, and learning complex concepts and skills comes naturally when done through play.

Learning to code isn’t only about programming computers. We published a blog on five reasons why it’s great for youngsters to learn coding, from encouraging them to develop if-then thinking, to boosting their self-confidence when they master this new skill. read more

5 ways young kids benefit from learning to code

National Coding Week takes place every September, and it isn’t only for computer geeks. Coding is simply another way of saying ‘programming or developing’ and at Learning Resources we know that children as young as four can grasp complex coding concepts. Experts recommend that as with learning a new language, the earlier children start, the better. In other words, there’s no better time to begin than today.

Not every child who learns to code will go on to become a software engineer, but don’t let that stop you from introducing your little learner to coding because the benefits go far beyond the obvious. Education experts note that a major benefit kids gain through learning to code is how to break a big task into smaller, more manageable steps – a vital skill for school life and beyond. read more

10 free ways to entertain kids

Entertaining kids doesn’t have to empty your wallet. There’s a lot families can do that doesn’t cost a thing. All it takes is some imagination to find free things to do with kids. (PS. They can be fun for grown-ups, too!)

Whether it’s the weekend, a long school holiday, or a quick half-term break, keeping kids occupied can prove expensive. The good news is there’s lots families can do that won’t break the bank. We’ve lined up some of our favourite free things to do with kids to keep them busy, whatever the weather. read more