Former Downton Abbey actress, Amy Nuttall, can’t get enough of Learning Resources!

Former Downton Abbey actress, Amy Nuttall, can’t get enough of Learning Resources!
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Actress Amy Nuttall is best known for her roles in Downton Abbey and Emmerdale, but away from the screen she is mother to her little girl.

Amy Nuttall

Amy and her three year old daughter have enjoyed playing with Learning Resources’ toys.  Here is Amy’s feedback…


“Having recently received a few different toys from Learning Resources, I quickly went back to the website and got carried away ordering more. They are so different from any other toys on the market AND they are educational which, as a parent, I feel is a huge bonus!

The Playfoam Pals comes in lovely bright colours and it’s great for creative play. Added bonus is that it doesn’t ever dry out and it’s easy to scoop together and tidy away. My toddler and teenage niece and nephew spent half a weekend playing with it non-stop! They loved creating different shapes with it.

Playfoam Pals


The New Sprouts Serve It gets played with every day and I love that my daughter’s (almost!) learning how to set a table for dinner already :).  She loves imaginative play and tea parties so it’s a huge hit and I’m sure we’ll still be playing with it in years to come.


We also love the Sneaky, Snacky, Squirrel Colour Matching Game. It’s brilliant for little hands learning patience while carefully picking up a coloured acorn with the fun squirrel squeezer. And also for learning when they have to miss a go or to lose all their acorns to another player. Learning to lose with good grace I think is a good thing to instil in children from a young age so I have no problem in not letting her win all the time. Nobody likes a sore loser so to me, you’re never too young to learn to lose as well enjoy the joy of winning.

Sneaky Snacky Snacky Squirrell

We also love sitting down with the Trace And Learn Writing Activity Set. It is great as it as an erasable pen so we can use it again and again and there are many different pages with letters, numbers and shapes to choose from. It’s wonderful to watch a child carefully try and follow the dotted lines to make the shape and look so pleased and proud of themselves afterwards! It also easily tidies away and has a handle so we can take it on outings easily. Perfect for entertaining them in a restaurant I’ve found!

Trace & Learn Writing Activity Set

I’ve since ordered more from Learning Resources as I love it all so much but rather than bombard my child with them all at once, I’m just introducing them slowly so she focuses on them individually and learns how to play with them first.

They are also perfect for gifts as they are so unique and different to other toys on the market.

I’m so pleased to have been introduced to this wonderful toy company and hope I can help spread the word to everyone who has a child to buy a gift for. I will definitely be coming back for more!”