A warm, British welcome to Kai!

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Our sister company in the USA, Educational Insights have been having a great time with Kai, a funny green puppet-on-a-stick, taking him sight-seeing in variously places in the US. He’s packed a suitcase and made his way over to the UK, to spend some time with us here at Learning Resources, joining us on our travels and trips!

Kai is a member of our Original Puppet-on-a-Stick trio, alongside his friends Fez and Lex! The Puppet-on-a-Stick range was created by Educational Insights back in 2012, and has been developed to include The Sea Squad and Dinosaur Puppet-on-a-Stick sets. These puppets are great products for pretend play, communication and of course, puppet shows! Each puppet features an easy-glide thumb lever and a chunky, secondary pull-down feature giving children two different ways to articulate the mouth.

Puppets are a wonderful tool to use in the early years classroom for all children but can be a particularly valuable resource for children with special educational needs. Puppets-on-a-stick can be used to:

  • help develop the skills of children with speech, communication, language and interaction difficulties. Any puppet can encourage the quietest of children to start talking.
  • encourage role play through the puppet helping to develop new vocabulary, social skills and language.
  • open a pressure free space for the voice of a child with speech problems. It is the puppet that talks or is questioned not the person.
  • provide excellent motivational resources to inspire the teaching of phonics within literacy though hand puppets with workable mouths and tongues
  • break down barriers and provide an effective means to initiate communication. The child trusts the puppet and doesn’t feel threatened by it, making it a perfect neutral medium through which they can discuss sensitive issues.
  • encourage children to express thoughts, fears and feelings through the puppet that they might otherwise find difficult to voice to an adult. Therefore a perfect resource for children that may have social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

Kai’s travels have taken him to a number of exciting places in the USA, including the White House, Belmont Park and Arizona. We’re thrilled to have Kai stay with Learning Resources here in the UK, and we hope he gets to travel to lots of different locations with us. In August he had his first Learning Resources Company Outing, at our Annual BBQ!

 All Kai’s travels have been captured on Educational Insights’ Pinterest board at http://www.pinterest.com/edinsights/kais-travels/, keep an eye out for additions of his UK travels over the coming weeks!

Do you have any suggestions of beautiful places we can take Kai to? Please get in touch and let us know your ideas!

Fancy owning your own Kai, Lex and Fez to take on your travels, or to simply add extra fun to imaginative play? You can order them from our website! Don’t forget to check out the Sea Squad and Dinosaur puppets too!

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