6 Ideas for Celebrating Autumn: A guest post by Muddy Puddles

6 Ideas for Celebrating Autumn: A guest post by Muddy Puddles
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Our friends at Muddy Puddles are children’s outwear experts, so who better to share some top ways to celebrate Autumn! Here’s what they’ve had to say:

Autumn is here and days are getting chilly, but this is not a reason to stop having fun outdoors. At Muddy Puddles, we believe that “there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong kit!”

Our mission is to inspire and enable thousands of children and families to enjoy the natural world around them and spend more time outdoors whatever the weather. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 6 fun autumn activities to enjoy with your children.

1) Play conkers

It’s now or never – go for a long walk with your children and collect lots of lovely conkers before they’re gone. Top tip: choose an uncracked one and store it in a cool, dry place before drilling a hole in it to make sure you win! If you don’t feel like playing conkers, turn them into lovely autumn crafts instead.

Learning Resources tip: After drilling a hole in your conkers let little ones have a go at threading them on the string to develop fine motor skills.

2) Go apple picking

Visiting a ‘pick your own farm’ is great family fun! There are lots of places in the UK where you can pick your own apples. You can enjoy them as a healthy snack, but we recommend turning them into delicious homemade juice or yummy crumble.

3) Climb a tree

It’s one of the simple pleasures that we all love. Plus, it has lots of benefits. It improves your children’s problem-solving skills and imagination and is great for their physical development. What are your children’s favourite trees for climbing?

4) Go on a family adventure

Family walks are a great idea as they’re easy to organise and really good for you and your family. Whether you prefer an easy walking route or a more challenging one, you won’t have to look too far. If you don’t feel like going on a hiking adventure, go for a family walk. If you’re not lucky enough to live close to the woods, head to the nearest park or even go for an urban stroll.

Learning Resources tip: Here is Norfolk we love the Routes for Little Boots blog. It’s full of ideas for pulling on your wellies and exploring our local areas

5) Jump in (muddy) puddles

We love puddles (we are Muddy Puddles after all!) The only thing you need to enjoy puddle jumping is a pair of wellies and a waterproof coat for your little adventurers. The winner is the puddlestomper who makes the biggest splash! Yay!

6) Go on a scavenger hunt

Organise an exciting scavenger hunt for your little explorers this autumn. You can go scavenging pretty much anywhere you like, in the city or in your back garden. Put together a list of items for the children to find and let the fun begin!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these outdoor autumn activities. Let us know on social media which ones you’re giving a try – remember to tag Muddy Puddles and Learning Resources so we can see all of the fun you’ve been having.