25 Years of Hands-on Learning

25 Years of Hands-on Learning
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Do you have a set of these bears in your classroom or in your home? Perhaps your children recognise them from their school, or maybe you played with them in your nursery back in the 90’s.

Three Bear Family - Hands-on Learning

Did you know that it’s thanks to these little coloured bear counters that Learning Resources is able to celebrate 25 years hands-on learning to schools and homes throughout the UK, the rest of Europe and beyond?

Three Bear Family Rainbow Counters

Before the arrival of these Three Bear Family Counters (also popularly known as the Compare Bears) coloured counters were just coloured counters; used for sorting into coloured groups, end of activity.

Three Bear Family Counters, on the other hand, could be sorted by colour, by size and by weight. Suddenly three aspects of learning could be experienced by young learners while manipulating just one resource, improving children’s hands-on learning.

Innovation of Hands-on Learning

It was this simple innovation that convinced me to join Learning Resources when I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to establish the company in the UK. Since then our company has grown to supply award-winning educational toys and learning aids to more than 60 countries.

In that time the innovation has continued through to these iconic products:

Pretend & Play® Calculator Cash Register

Calculator Cash Register - Hands-on Learning

The Original Folding Geometric Shapes™

Folding Geometric Shapes - Hands-on Learning

Time Tracker®

Time Tracker - Hands-on Learning


PlayFoam - Hands-on Learning

Code & Go® Robot Mouse Activity Set

Code & Go Robot Mouse

Almost everything has changed in the last 25+ years, from the products we develop and sell to how and where our customers buy them. We now help children learn about maths, reading, science, creativity, STEM and coding; and from only selling to teachers in schools our products are now available on the high street and online. It’s gratifying to see how widely our products can inspire young children with a love of learning.

Botley Activity Set

Of course, one thing hasn’t changed: our commitment to hands-on learning that is fun.