10 Stocking Fillers to give the gift of learning!

10 Stocking Fillers to give the gift of learning!
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Are you looking for the perfect stocking filler that will keep your young learners occupied? We’ve pulled together a list of 10 toys perfect for filling up your little one’s stocking! With a mixture of both educational toys and fun filled games, these stocking fillers are guaranteed to keep children of all ages engaged. We have sets for creative play and activities that will spark curiosity and encourage discovery whilst having loads of fun, so you’re bound to find something they will enjoy!

1) Playfoam® Pals™ (£6.00)

Children just love surprises and collectibles! See their faces light up on Christmas day with Playfoam® Pals™. Inside the squishy, squashy Playfoam are cute animals waiting to be found! Each set has different pals to collect:

  • Snowy Friends – 13 to collect including Sven, the super-rare snowman.
  • Pet Party – 13 to collect including Penelope, the super-rare potbellied pig.
  • Wild Friends – 12 to collect including rare, golden versions of each animal.

Children will love creating their own pals as heads and bodies pop apart for colourful, mix and match fun. Encourage imaginative and creative play with the Playfoam, as little ones sculpt beds, nests, igloos and more!

Playfoam never dries out so can be used again and again straight from the pod.

2) Stems® (Tub of 20) (£9.00)

This flexible 3D maker toy introduces STEM to young learners through play with this creative construction toy. Brightly coloured and incredibly tactile, Stems’ possibilities are endless! Every Stem is exactly the same simple shape and they’re so bendy that you can make pretty much anything you can imagine! It’s fascinating fun for the whole family.

As children zip together the weird and wobbly pieces, they develop key learning skills, including:

  • Problem solving
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Curiosity

Both children and adults can make balls that bounce, wheels that roll, frogs that actually leap and much more!

3) Colour Cubed Strategy Game (£9.00)

Children will get addicted to this puzzle game as they develop their colour recognition and matching skills. Score points by matching the colour squares on the cards, the player with the most points wins!

How to play

  • Set up game as per instructions.
  • Place one of your cards against any side of the centre card, matching one or more of its colour squares.
  • Each colour square in a matching sequence is worth 1 point.
  • The scorekeeper adds up the player’s points and writes them down. It is now the next player’s turn.
  • Players can match 4 corner colours, connecting them to make a square.
  • Players continue placing cards, making matches, and adding up points until all cards have been played.
  • The player with the most points after all cards have been played is the winner!

Other ways to play Colour Cubed

Double Up

  • For this game, designate any colour as ‘wild’ – points are doubled when players use that colour to make a match. For example, if purple is the wild colour, and you match 3 purple squares, your points earned would equal 6.


  • In this game, players earn double the points if they can match 4 corner colours, connecting them to make a square. For example, if the player makes a blue square, that player would earn 8 points. Each four-square only counts for double points one time. After that, the square is only worth 4 points when extending the sequence.

4) Beaker Creatures™ Reactor Pod (£4.00)

Beaker Creatures™ combine the amazement of learning through science with the anticipation of surprise collectibles. There are 35 Beaker Creatures to collect from five different planets: The Astrolytes, Frostonians, Buglettes, Oceanites and minisaurs. Children will love building an out-of-this-world collection! There are even five rare, 24-carat creatures to find!

Create amazing bubbling reactions by simply dropping the Beaker Creature Reactor Pod into a bowl of water. Watch it fizz and bubble before revealing the collectible creature inside!

Included in the set is a Reactor Pod, classification card to identify your Beaker Creature and a mini-poster featuring amazing science facts and fun images!

Use the Reactor Pod with one of our Beaker Creature sets for more scientific fun:

5) Magnetic Counting Vehicle Puzzles (£10.00)

These attractive puzzles provide early learners with maths activities they can do on their own for hours! The brightly coloured, magnetic pieces fit together to create five vehicle puzzles. Each puzzle encourages independent learning, early counting skills 1-5 and reinforces number recognition as children successfully complete them.

6) Primary Science® Magnifier & Tweezers (£6.50)

Encourage children to take their investigations further with these tools, perfectly sized for little hands. Exercise fine motor skills and pick up smaller objects to get a closer look. This set is perfect for examining the patterns of different bugs and plants, and the built-in stand allows for hands-free observation. Set includes:

Jumbo Tweezers

Perfect for primary science lessons, early science explorations and sorting activities. They also help to develop important fine motor control to build handwriting skills.

Jumbo Magnifier

Extra-large handles are perfect for small hands and great for taking a closer look at plants, animals and insects.

7) Time Dominoes (£8.00)

Learn how to tell the time whilst playing a game with the whole family! This easy-to-play game is perfect for reinforcing what children have been learning during lessons. The double-sided dominos provide two levels of play, 12-hour and 24-hour time.

How to play

Game 1 – Building Blocks

  • The first player begins by matching one of their cards to the starter domino.
  • Once the player lays down a matching domino, they must draw one domino from the draw pile. It is now the next player’s turn.
  • If no match can be made with the dominoes in the player’s hand, the player draws another domino and their turn is over, even if the card that is drawn can make a match. It is now the next player’s turn.
  • Dominoes can only be matched on either end to form a row or column.
  • Dominoes can be matched in three different ways:
    • Analogue time to digital time
    • Analogue time to analogue time
    • Digital time to digital time
  • Once the draw pile is used up, continue trying to use the dominoes in your hand.
  • Play continues until one player no longer has any cards, or no other domino in anyone’s hand can be played.
  • The player with the least amount of dominoes in their hand wins!

The instruction guide includes two other ways of playing:

  • Game 2 – Mix & Match
  • Game 3 – The Longest Chain

8) Playfoam® Themed Sets (£9.00) & Playfoam® Squashformers (£5.00)

Award-winning Playfoam® provides completely mess-free creative play fun for both children and adults. Simply shape the foam into anything you can imagine before squashing it and starting all over again. Playfoam never dries out so can be used time and time again, straight from the box for immediate creative play!

There are many sets your little one can enjoy this festive season:

Playfoam Themed Sets – Perfect for sparking imaginations

Playfoam Squashformers™Encourages creative play with silicon moulds to make creations

9) Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set™ (£8.00)

Get a grip on fine motor skills and keep your little ones entertained with these four handy tools. They are great for use at water, sand and sensory tables and help to develop hand strength! Tools set includes:

Gator Grabber Tweezers™

These themed alligator tweezers are perfectly sized for small hands and great for developing the pincer grasp.

Handy Scoopers™

Ideal for developing hand strength and the holes in the scoop allow for catch-and-release fun at water and sand tables.

Twisty Droppers™

This curly liquid dropper is great for use at a water table, for scientific exploration and creative play.

Squeezy Tweezers™

This easy-to-use plastic tweezer helps to prepare young hands and brains for writing as it develops their pincer grasp. The scoop allows for collection of small objects, perfect for a sensory table.

10) I Sea 10! ™ Maths Game (£8.00)

The whole family can develop their number sense as they fish for ten! This exciting maths game helps to develop number sense by picking out combinations of 10.

How to play

  • Empty the cards from the box onto a playing surface, within reach of all players. Make sure the cards are facing number-side down.
  • Take turns flipping the cards over, one at a time, to reveal the numbers. Look carefully at the cards after each flip.
  • Any player who can make 10 with two or more cards, for example, 4 + 6, or 3 + 5 + 2, can call out “I Sea 10!” and keep those cards. For easy scorekeeping, stack each set of cards that makes 10.
  • If two or more players call out “I sea 10!” at the same time, the player who can state the fact first keeps the cards. If players state the fact at the same time, remove the cards from play.
  • Watch out! If you flip over a shark card, return this card and any cards you have already collected to the box.
  • Continue taking turns, flipping over cards and spotting combinations of 10, until all the cards have been flipped and no more tens can be made.
  • Count each player’s stacks of 10. The player who collected the most stacks is the winner!

Other ways to play I Sea 10!

  • Try “I Sea 20!” by making 20!
  • Set a timer: the player with the most stacks when time’s up is the winner!
  • The first player to get 10 stacks of 10 is the winner!