Learning Resources – Who We Are

The people behind the history of Learning Resources, Lisa Guili, Rick Woldenberg, Jane Woldenberg and Dennis Blackmore.

Who We Are

Learning Resources Ltd began in 1994 with a family of coloured bear counters. The Three Bear Family Counters can be sorted by colour, size and weight, which puts them apart from other colour counters that can only be sorted into coloured groups. It was this simple innovation that convinced Managing Director, Dennis Blackmore, to join Learning Resources and have the opportunity to establish the company in the UK. read more

What does coding have to do with Children’s Art Week?

Children's Art Week Creative Coding

Children’s Art Week

Children's Art Week 2019 at Engage.org

Children’s Art Week is a UK-wide programme run by Engage over a week in June. During Children’s Art Week, a range of libraries, community halls, heritage venues, country parks, schools, museums and galleries across the country host events for children to explore their creativity through art.

These activities give children, their teachers, parents, and carers, the opportunity to get involved with a broad range of art activities with artists and makers. read more

Tried and Tested: Sand Moulds

The Tried & Tested Sand Moulds Review

Name: Kirstin Chambers

Job title: Teacher

Class Year: Reception and Year One

Number of children in class: 60

Product being reviewed: Sand Moulds – Lowercase Alphabet and Sand Moulds – Uppercase Alphabet

Carving out lowercase letters in the sand using the sand moulds.

How did you use this product within your classroom? (e.g. whole class teaching, group work, individual, child-initiated learning)

The Sand Moulds were used as an outside resource for continuous provision. Firstly, we modelled how the children could use the letters, then we observed them. The children were very excited to use the Sand Moulds and all wanted to use them. They were also used for additional support with lower phonics interventions. read more

Family Games for All Types of Weather

Family Games for all types of weathers

The Importance of Family Games

Family games are important because they reconnect the family. We are living in a time where it’s no longer unusual for children to have their own TV’s or computers. With Smart-TV’s and video streaming services, families no longer have to watch the same programmes at the same time, they don’t even need to be in the same room. Gathering the family together to play a variety of family games once a week can really help to connect everyone. read more

Tried and Tested: Primary Science® Wow & Wonder Set

The Tried & Tested Review on the Wow & Wonder Set

Name: Gemma Armstrong

Job title: Foundation Stage Leader

Class Year: Reception

Number of children in class: 28

Product being reviewed: Primary Science® Wow & Wonder Set

Using the Bubble Blower to look at the bubbles created

How did you use this product within your classroom? (e.g. whole class teaching, group work, individual, child-initiated learning)

I used the test tubes as part of a colour mixing activity in a parent workshop. The parents worked one to one with their children noting the changes to the chrysanthemums and encouraging their children to write down their observations. read more

The Importance of Learning Outdoors – A guest blog by The World Is Their Classroom

Children learning outdoors

Nicola from The World is Their Classroom is a home educator to her five children aged 15, 12, 9, 7 and 4. She is passionate about making learning fun and often takes her lessons outside, capturing the importance of learning outdoors. You can find ideas for educational products and activities on The World Is Their Classroom, a website bursting with creative and engaging ideas for children of all ages. read more

25 Years of Hands-on Learning

25 Years of Hands-on Learning - Learning Resources UK

Do you have a set of these bears in your classroom or in your home? Perhaps your children recognise them from their school, or maybe you played with them in your nursery back in the 90’s.

Three Bear Family - Hands-on Learning

Did you know that it’s thanks to these little coloured bear counters that Learning Resources is able to celebrate 25 years of providing hands-on learning to schools and homes throughout the UK, the rest of Europe and beyond? read more